K-9 Bed Bug Services
First Choice Enviromental provides the best in dog detection services for your resedential and commercial bed bug infestations. Readmore
Commercial Cleaning Solutions

your most effective solution to non toxic environmentally friendly extermination treatments.
Heat & Steam
Another innovative and effective way
to resolve your
pest issues using non toxic treatments.

You've reached the right company to resolve your pest issues. Our company has been specializing in getting rid of pests for several years. With several certified licensed techicians on board we have the right skills and knowledge to destroy and effectively exterminate these pests, so you live a hassle
free life in your home.

  • Free estimates to the exact cost of the project.
  • Effective, appropriate and the best pest management services for different types of clients all over NY,NJ & CT.
  • Urgency by offering you a service that is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if you require your pest issues to be addressed immediately.
  • A 30 day follow-up plan which ensures that your pest problem will not recur in the future.
  • Research on the different techniques that we do to fight against pests such that our solutions are safe and are based on the latest technology in exterminating pests.

With all of these factors, we can ensure you that all of your pest related issues will be addressed. After all, as pest exterminators, we aspire to make every home in the pest-free.

First Choice Environmental Provides cleaning and janitorial Services for offices, storefronts, apartment buildings and commercial plants.We ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers through out of the five broughs of the New York City. For More Information call us: (866) 457-7860